Our curriculum is based on Dr. Maria Montessori's method of education where she believed that children learn best by "doing" and not by passively accepting other's ideas and pre-existing knowledge.The Montessori model of teaching is not like the traditional one rather our teachers use the thematic approach of teaching where students are taught by focusing on a theme.

The teachers present new concepts and materials which interests the child and they naturally choose to work and learn. This way children develop concentration, confidence, motivation and discipline. In this framework of order they progress at their pace and rhythm according to their own individual capabilities.

Teachers as a Guide

The Montessori teacher-child environment may be seen as a learning triangle. The teachers thoughtfully prepare a classroom environment with materials and activities that entice the students to learn. They keenly observe their work and make notations about their progress. The teachers address each other in respective and modulated tones. There is no raised voice, no rude or hurtful behaviour. Students also show grace and courtesy and an interest in refrain.

Primary Guide: Tools & Materials

Special Activity Clubs

Our toddler′s transition includes outdoor plays to a time of various activities. This includes various structured art projects, music & dance, skits, etc. Various monthly celebrations are conducted based on different themes such as Rose Day, Mango Day, Blue Day, and more.

Classroom Design

Montessori classrooms are uniquely designed suited to the need of its students. It features low sinks, cartoon character chairs & tables, reading corners, reachable shelves, etc. Above all they are warm, well-organised, well-ventilated and inviting with rugs and flowers to help children to keep calm and at home.

Class Size

Montessori classrooms thrives well when the number of children in the class is substantial. We believe in small sized/grouped classrooms comprising of 28-30 students.

Toddlers Day Schedule