The faculty at STRIS broadens and enhances the learning experiences of the students. STRIS instills the belief that learning is always a continuous process and with a strong resource of qualified and trained staffs, we impart wisdom which reckons and enhances the quality of learning, teaching and achieving. The teachers thrive with an understanding of imparting valuable education which inculcates the atmosphere of open and viable process for sustainable and interactive learning and questioning.

We understand the importance of healthy and enthusiastic students and so we use green board with dustless chalks for better health and eye comfort of our students. A teacher student relation is not limited to the four walls but goes beyond every boundaries and so we at STRIS understand the valuable opportunity that we all must seek to make every child prospering and ushering with confidence and abilities. The school understands the balance of academics with extra curricular activities and so every emphasis is given in the areas of sports, publications, debates, quizzes and other platforms where teachers and students equally thrive to make every initiative resounding and successful.

The teachers at STRIS are committed to deliver valuable education and work with understanding the position of school as "Home for better part of the day". The highly dedicated and core group of enriching faculties is committed in their execution of role in an exemplary manner.The STRIS motto of excellence is a dream that we strive to achieve. Truth, Wisdom and Labour: the three powerful words define our work and shape our goals.

Our commitment of making the education a powerful tool of every individual comes with the strong backing of highly qualified and well experienced staffs with perfect skills who shape the belief that no dream is big and every child is special. Under their guidance the students embark on a voyage and write a new chapter of glory by achieving bigger heights and bringing laurels to school, parents and the society.